Course Details

  • Four day class in a period of one month, consecutive Saturday/ Sunday, which includes lecture and clinical work.

  • One to one personal attention from Access to BMP to Obturation, in natural tooth.

  • Early notes passed to prepare and come for the class.

  • Only limited members of 8Dentist in each batch in March, June and October.

  • Techniques of Bio-Mechanical preparation(BMP) includes  crown down, Step back, and Hybrid Technique.

  • Course includes access to Bio-Mechanical  Preparation (Hand and Rotary) and  Rubber dam usage.

  • Ultrasonic’s usage in the management of Isthmus in the floor of the chamber, removal of pulp stones, and negotiating  calcified  orifices.
  • Obturation  using  2percent,  4percent, 6ercent Gutta percha and Bidirectional Spiral.

  • Lead by a panel of Doctors

  •          Dr.Balagopal Sir from Chennai.

             Dr.Ashok Gowda from  Bangalore.

             Dr.Aji Mathew Thomas form Trivandrum.

Tooth X-Ray
  • Stay provided as well as Lecture in the same campus, at Maria Rani Centre by  Pallotain Fathers.

  • Clinical assistance  in Root canal treatment  provided if needed at your clinic.
  • Review Lectures(one day) which includes  Marketing Dentistry to your clients- By Dr.C.P John. Trivandrum and RCT Discussion in November Sundays only. (follow up lecture)

  • Apex locator purchasing advised, J-Morita Denport  will be provided at a reasonable price.

  • Post and core, MTA Clinical usage, Composite Veneers, Composite Restorations class-1, 2 and MOD, Lecture and Hands on practical work also(one day course).

  • Composite lecture is on Chemistry of Dental Composites, and its role as a restorative material  in Dentistry.





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