Quality Dental store was started with the innovative idea to provide the Dentist with excellent Dental materials at a reasonable price. We are direct Importers from United States of America and we deal with Endodontic products, Dental composites, Dental etchants, high quality cavity cutting and crown cutting burs, and also prismatic loupes.


 Essential Dental Systems








  1. 30 Degree Reciprocating Endodontic hand piece  from Essential Dental Systems, USA for glide-path creation in root canal treatment.
  2. Safe rider Reamers for root anal preparation.
  3. EDS Reciprocating (30-45) Rotary hand piece for finishing BMP with just two instruments.
  4. Bidirectional spiral for obturation of root canal space.
  5. Split shank Ball Denture post  for over Dentures
  6. Ultrasonic tips  for management of pulp stones, calcific canal orfices management. Management of isthmus of the floor of the chamber.

Prime Dental (USA)

  1. Dental Composites.

quality 008






Nano Hybrid Dental composites which has excellent molding and strength and available in vita shades.

Available in –  4.5g (grams)

Shades of (A1, A2, B1, B2, B3)

Price- Rs.950/Tax extra.

  1. Epoxy, Resin Root canal sealer.

Resin sealer










Available in a powder /gel form, with a setting time of  4 fours.

Available in quantity  of  powder 8g  – Resin gel – 10g

Price- Rs.2000/with Tax.

  1. Dental Etchant

quality 003











High quality Dental Etchant 37% Phosphoric acid) available in 50ml, which are silica free and doesn’t spread on tooth as other etchants, so the wastage of the material is less.


  • Dental polishing paste – (Image)

Used for polishing after oval prophylaxes, cames in medium  grit.


  1. Resin Cement
  2. Dual cure Resin cement available in two paste systems base and catalyst, used for fixing postt, metal or fiber, ceramic veneers, onlays, inlays and even metal free ceramic crowns
  3. price – Available as

1) Base – 5 grams

  1. ii) catalyst – 5 grams
  1. Johnson promident

1)         Burs – Cavity cutting burs

2)         Crown cutting burs – (a)

  1. Polishing materials.

Disc –(c/m, F/SF)

Strips (composite) –(c/m, F/SF)

Post (Dental Post)

  • Titanium post (screw post)
  • available in sizes of (S/M/l)

Products will be delivered by professional courier only services any once the payment is confirmed.

(EDS) hand piece

Made by Essential Dental systems USA, this hand piece  works in a reciprocating motion of 30degree (like a hand motion)

 Advantages if EDS

  1. Since it is a reciprocating hand piece, breakage of instrument absolutely nil, and breakage can occur especially if long used instruments are worked in apical curved
  2. Same hand instrument can be used as hand and rotary instrument
  3. Since the hand piece has less torque, the chances of transportation of canal is less, you can feel the hand piece with your hand as you feel the canal walls with our hand.
  4. The instruments used being stainless steel, can be used to work the isthmus of the canal walls.
  5. Can negotiate the hypercementosis of the apical 3rd
  6. One of the best hand pieces to create a glade path and even to do BMP also.

(EDS) Reciprocating hand piece, is the brain child of great Academician and clinician Dr. Barry Le Musikant

EDS Tango

EDS Tango is the very recent inclusion into the Endodontic

armamentarium of (EDS) by Dr. Barry Le Musikant

Advantages of EDS Tango

  1. They are machined metals and ‘s’ shaped in cross section. While the conventional stainless steel reamers are twisted ones.
  2. Used in a 30 degree latch reciprocating  type hand piece, so chances of fracture is less.
  3. Since worked in 30 degree reciprocation, the chances of producing micro cracks in the dentinal wall are less.
  4. These instruments are machine cut instruments in metal, rather than twisted, so chances of fractures are high when used in hand.
  5. Consists of a 30/02 stainless steel and 30/04 nitti rotary latch type and are used only after a glide path has been done to No – 20 instrument.

EDS   – Ultrasonic tips

787 788






615-05; 615-04/tips are used to remove pulp stones, negotiate the calcifications in the orifice of the canal, and even manage the isthmus in the floor of the pulp chamber.


Since no water spray is not used, visibility of the area of preparation is not compromised during the usage the ultrasonic tips and is worked as a small brushing notion to remove  calcifications.