Like any field in Dentistry, Endodontics has also advanced to a level where we can provide quality treatment to our clients. Endodontics  has changed for a lot from the early stages, with the introduction of C.T. scans, Cone Beam Computer Tomography, and very precise apex locators, which all helps the Dentist to provide quality treatment, and even saves  a lot of time for him, in carrying out the treatment. The only problem here is we need to have a mindset to incorporate what is a given to the field of Endodontics, to help us to provide better treatment for over patients. Surely as practitioners we are the best to  analyse  new technology which is introduced into the market..

Taking this into consideration at ARE we are dedicated to provide you the best, of the faculty  into Endodontics  so as to carve out the best in you and thus make you confident in your work.

Advantages of ARE course.

  • Led by Dr. Balagopal Sir, Ashok Gowda and Dr. Aii Mathew Thomas
  • With one to one personal attention from Access to Biometrical preparation to Obturation.
  • Only limited seats of eight Dentist for every batch, with two Drs. to assist you in step by step procedure of RCT.
  • Courses conducted in months of March, June and October every year, with lecture and hands on natural tooth from access to obturation.
  • Printed notes to read will be  passed to the participants.
  • Access to BMP- to obturation in natural tooth, which are caries free or restored especially maxillary molars and Mandibular molars.
  • Access preparation with loupes can be practiced, management of calcified chambers, pulp stones, using Ultrasonic tips. Access is carried out by marking out access points in tooth.
  • BMP using (i) Crown Down technique (ii)step back (iii) Hybrid technique(using step back and crown down).
  • Obturation- using 2%, 4%, 6% gutta percha.
  • Rubber dam lecture and try in dummy modes for (RCT)