Academy of Reciprocal Endodontics was started with the initiative to provide you with the best in Endodontics, and also  to make Endodontics simple and interesting. And further to teach you to manage any situations which needs Endodontic management  to conserve  tooth, and thus provide a successful restoration to the tooth which is natural and maintains the tooth.

Aims and Objects of the Trust

  1. Professing the knowledge of globally evidence-based innovative thoughts and deeds regarding Dentistry.
  2. Offering training programmes on conceptualizing, formulating, implementing, and monitoring projects which draw on the rich global experience on a multitude of knowledge domains, with or without own institutional infrastructure.
  3. To dissipate the knowledge and skill of endodontics, particularly Reciprocal Endodontics among dentists who are keen on learning this accepted art and science of endodontics.
  4. To conduct seminars, symposiums, didactics and Hands-On training for dental graduates in the concepts, trends and advancements in the science of Reciprocal Endodontics.
  5. To conduct seminars, symposiums, didactics and hands-on training in the associated field of endodontics such as post endodontic restorative dentistry.
  6. To conduct seminars, didactics and hands-On training in basic restorative dentistry and advanced procedures which will benefit the patients and society at large.
  7. To organize or perform any actions legitimately/lawfully for the dissipation of knowledge of reciprocal and restorative dentistry to dentists and educate and create awareness to the public through publication, through media propagation, through academic groups, through dental associations etc.
  8. To award “fellowship” to dentists who have contributed extensively to the dental health care of the public, academics in dental surgery, awareness of dental health to public, conduct of CDE programs and training to dental surgeons to enhance their knowledge and skill in endodontics and restorative dentistry.
  9. All activities shall be with a focus to benefit the society at large and qualified dentists in particular.
  10. On completion of every training program to the satisfaction of the faculty involved in the imparting of training, the participants may be awarded certificates of completion of the program.
  11. The trust shall concentrate on the chief aims and objectives declared above than profit or business oriented activities.